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Starting Out

I hate gardening in the desert.  No really.  Five months out of the year temperatures hover well above 100 degrees and the winter rarely gets below freezing, so the growing season is year-round.  Battling rose bushes in 110 degree heat after I’ve spent the morning mowing, weed-whacking, and planting will drive me to insanity.

But battle on I must.  When we first bought the house, a major fixer-upper, we could just beat back the weeds periodically and call that good enough.  And we did, for years.  But then we had kids.  And those darling little kiddos want to play outside, soaking in all the sunshine and fresh air they can get.  So now I’m outside on a regular basis, lamenting how uncomfortable and ugly our yard truly is.

It is time to finally begin making our yard work for us.  I want to spend time outside with my husband and my littles and actually enjoy it.  I know that with our full-time jobs and tiny kiddos my progress will be glacial.  But it’s time to try.  So here goes nothing.  At least it can’t get any worse…